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RG Mini PC


RG Mini PC are AMD powered small form factor computers. 

Integrated AMD Graphics supporting HDMI & DisplayPort, 3 USB 3.0, 1 USB-C, Gigabit Ethernet, Wifi/BT, 2x M.2 Slots, 2xSATA Ports, 64GB RAM Supported, Windows 10 Pro Digital Installed.
No Keyboard or Mouse is included.

AMD makes some of the most powerful processors for the consumer market.  It is no wonder both Microsoft and Sony decided to use them in their current Gaming console systems.  

This system might be tiny - but it definitely packs a punch with integrated Vega Graphics by AMD and able to handle most modern gaming*. 

Retro Mini PC using an AMD Athlon is ideal for basic computing functions such as browsing the internet, school work, video conferencing and light gaming. 

Retro Mini PC using an AMD RYZEN is ideal for everything the Athlon system above can do but with more CPU cores and Threads, it is able to crunch numbers faster and provide an overall better gaming experience.  


All systems come with a 1 year warranty for basic manufacture defects.  Software is not warranty item however you can extend your warranty with one of our CPS warranty packages.