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Arcade Fightstick Controllers

Start building your dream arcade cabinet today! 

The process of building your arcade cabinet takes a couple weeks and then depending on your location shipping will need to be factored into the final bill of sale.  

We will contact you before building your arcade cabinet to go over all the options you selected. If there is anything missing from the online build, we will add it to your invoice and you will need to pay the difference. 

Shipping is handled by a national carrier that offers white glove carry-in service, it will be picked up by the national carrier, packaged, and then shipped on a carrier truck.  We do not use UPS, USPS, FEDEX, or DHL for stand up arcade cabinets because of the nature of the weight, size, and other restrictions for the before mentioned carriers. 
Once build has been agreed upon, the paid invoice will serve as a written contract authorizing the build and assembly of your arcade system.  If at anytime you decide to cancel your order, we charge a 25% restock/stop order fee

Choose from Single Player or Standard 2-Player or 2-Player with Trackball.

*Trackball compatibility is based on game and system that supports trackball input.